Rich northern city of Lashio Fishing village, the military used military helicopters started attacking Rev.


Northern city of Lashio Nam Fishing Village to use military helicopters attacked a fierce fight for a war in order to launch.

The Army provides stand against social pressure … .. rebel group grouped Inn is now peaceful and quiet … guilty The area also sent a band.

Whether rich northern city of Lashio have started the attack on the village, the military used military helicopters.

Northern Shan State, Rich northern city of Lashio and 12 miles long push the white cloud of the village and burnt after army troops and helicopters have been fighting renewed ……

Wow .Although Technology Teachers Union president in early August, about 17 days to about 2 hours in the afternoon.

“The fighting took place, and about 10 miles a different school Wow .Although Hsenwi hampered by the road side, Nam, Twain was a village Of course all kinds of rumors

University officials and army troops immediately, Helicopters and immediately gone to rest, now, I also heard the gunshots, heard.

The security forces deploy, “Wow .Although Technological Teachers’ Union chairman said earlier.

12 wards in the northern city of Lashio, Area 21 households dodge territorial security of the population (60) (270) Wow .Although members being fat Shan trust school

The northern city of Lashio Disaster Management Department (2) hours in the afternoon (2) hours in the afternoon (2) hours in the afternoon (2) hours in the afternoon, according to statistics published (2) in the afternoon hours. .

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