The guest house, a wife and a husband of infidelity to open


Regions North District Ward, who lives in Emerald 0 (2) Road to a faithless wife, children and a husband to a wife had grown against the law complaint, police said.

Lin wife deforestation before the House since about 11 years ago flourished in prison, and two daughters, he said.

At 11 August 2019, at his wife out of Nu Nu’s mortgage with the guest house has been staying with his wife said. I said.

His wife deforestation over a house (3), the mother of two daughters, the changing needs of husband and reactionary.

Wife, she raised questions about Nu Nu (5) months ago and have been in love Camp Village, Kantharyar Phophtaw guest house in the village (about 11 times) 0 agreed to live in the company of his wife as the reports said.

While living established marriages 0 couple who have lived association as wife to the deforestation and the fight against the law open the case was between the posts.

Regarding the process and attack the police station and the city to fight deforestation (), 1498/2019 A husband a wife of the track (13) with the law glued to check sources.

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