Naypyidaw thatched rape perpetrated by 30 K to receive the complaints


Thatched perpetrators of rape to receive 30 K complaints
(19) years of age children born with open list, prepared as specified, police say.

The administrative city Naypyidaw, a 7-year-old woman raped by a national court remanded 30 K tons of insurance and send mathematical Pyinmana Police Aung Naing Oo said.

This thing on the night of August 16, Nay Pyi Taw Pyinmana Township of the land, situated next to the creek and the arrest of the perpetrators occurred Police Station Pyinmana township judges from Manchester United on August 19 allowed above, police said.

The death sentence for the offense, Can be sentenced to a lifetime of the perpetrators of the criminal process to be held under the control of the police station, said the camp was a remand.

However, the perpetrators were only 17-year-old child under Section 83 (e), to be granted the right to judge the camp..

The Law (18) years of age, children and subject to Section 83 (e) those who are not old enough to be the chief of the police station and placed in prisons has been enacted.

”83, (e) and children. A police station, Prison chief says no food. So his parental rights had betrayed him. So do not judge the finger at this point, ” Aung Naing Oo said.

As a result, the perpetrators continue to complaints by the children’s rights on the part of suspects in custody, if resolved, will be difficult on the part of the police had been released to parental, he added.

” If the parents, guardians, If there are to be released with the governor if the government claimed that it is easy to solve, ”  Aung Naing Oo said.

After the arrest of the perpetrators initially reported that the set (19) years old, police said about 7Day Daily newspaper asked about birth certificate was verified to match Naing Oo replied.

‘Birth certificate is happening, truly original idea had approved a list of birth. (17) years and six days, (18) is not full yet. When he was asked about his age (say 19 years). His late mother, his birth certificate, his son (18 years) is not yet full, (Birth to 17 years) * proof of birth certificate and a list of supported event, ” he said.

The crimes were committed by the girl’s mother that he gave guarantees that information, Could be dissatisfied. In addition, the perpetrators allegedly assisted by a former police officer of verifying the child’s mother, but has not been independently confirmed.

” (Under 18 years) free of charge. Woman, ” he said. The girl’s father and relatives perpetrators.

Insurance with the financial ability to pay and the amount of money ” and their relatives. There is no parent. Said one of the capsules. Open bamboo. Parents. My father was a stone mill. Daily wages. She began random consider being committed, ” his mother said.

In addition, the offender on the availability of insurance ‘could’ discontent is such that everyone can make it happen, ” noted the child’s mother. At present, the child victims are still hospitalized and started relief and can be discharged at any time, yet he added.

Bail release contact with the perpetrators. Stays tent scene at the village elder, U Kyi Win police services directive, insurance issues had been correct.

When a request for comments regarding the case separately. ” Now nvestigation anymore. This is a legal hearing, ” he said.

Justice of the above processes and loopholes. Veteran lawyer said the law can not go wrong.

” Child, the police chief, General Lazarus. Said Chief Judge average Manchester United, as such, would be to ” Advocate U Khin Mg commented.

Similarly, Justice lawyer Robert San Aung said the judge’s decision was legal, that although large can be sentenced to be given guarantees of the camp house, Youth detention center should be placed with a bit that way.

” We now Naypyidaw thatched rape the country, including many in the mission of public misunderstanding of future growth, ” he said.

Offenders of the girl’s father and relatives married a former stone crushing factory workers, police report. It is the criminal law has been opened by Section 376/363.

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