Broke a unilateral declaration that will be solar charged melodious standard …


Today, the resultant film solar and melodious standard attitudes do not match the product of breaking news audiences are most surprised. Were originally announced in solar Grinds melodious standard Grinds came respond.

“Introduces the breaking news of the solution … I melodious standards and solar since the period of the past two years were lovers. Later became lovers with the consent of both parents on 14.2.2019 were engaged. ”

“After thorough solar postponed plans to get married in the failure to change the attitudes engaged increase in demand from the sun cancel. I like melodious as a standard process until today introduces corruption unfaithful I did not have any one-sided cancellation of sin. ”

“Because of this, through my broker to hold their wedding plans and policy on 16.8.2019 approved notice. The notification contains the requested 30.8.2019 deadline for reply. ”

“Today announced that Myanmar Celebrity page Break announced a solar-sided. It unilaterally declared in honor of my melodious standard grievances. Therefore, my grievances legalistic continued announced to the EU. “Her Facebook page is to be notified through.

The standard solar home (2) years on a partnership in February (14) is engaged.

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