People walked stay cautious with new statement urging RCSS


The fighting happening in Northern Shan State is not able to estimate how long people stay cautious and said Shan State Restoration Council (RCSS) announced the go.

The date published yesterday Muse-Mandalay road bridge had been some bomb attacks Lashio While designing easy-Nam Allen – caves – Naung Cho-Mandalay route for those who will not go RCSS has offered to secure a way as possible says.

Naung Cho, Shan Sorry, Lashio, Since Kutkhai Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin day, nine terrorist insurgents (MNDAA) Arakan (AA) and Palaung violent insurgency insurgent violence (TNLA) jointly fighting forces and the Army’s doing it.

On August 15 Naung Cho Bridge in August, On 17 Hsenwi help Kunlong Chin Shwe Haw street concrete bridge and concrete bridge, Last night was enough Hsenwi Kun-Chin Shwe Haw Street bridge fenders and explosives had been destroyed.

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