When the balls I used electricity (from more than 50,000 monthly costing more than 25,000)


My household’s monthly electricity for nearly 5 thousand. I’ll pick up triple electricity. He would soon be out of the house when dirty read meter electricity used by the clerk advised my sister to be lowered as much as possible.

Use your best, not too bitter, but the hostess at a door I can evidence.

Now the clerk at the meter reading meter box has been used my unit. Sister, starting from next month rut.

OK, I must be saving money. You should also love. Therefore, the dark night Tun Than Tun and close at 5 pm. Open officials checked on a light bulb is no longer open.

The iron meter reading unit to the Internet in the United. clothing iron is completely stopped because the time when, after a quick draw iron switches off if necessary.

No distilled water used along with water. Open TV also did not want to look as before, do not fight each other. CCTV cameras are no longer open all day open the dark dawn rises in the morning and closed. Aircon a month does not completely open.

Add hot water is not a son and bought a fan that can be opened. As a result, many units did not open all day comfort. Hot & cold water 5 minutes before the break to open it and immediately closed again. No room did the advent of fluorescent lights no fire.

The front lobby before two lights keep shining dark evening was opened, but the advent of models. Two overnight fire overnight in a room on the streets instead of light. The ice open continuously.
Rice cooking pot and use a pot. Hide coffee drinking up the electric kettle button and immediately closed. Upcoming outlet did not.

The washing machine is used only when clothes are washed once. The main use of water-saving water using electricity when driving advice. Savings should not use water, not whether code to follow and what to spend. Blackout are very few who will not be too long a hurry anymore.

You are in The first month, I now want to work for a lightning myth. I do not know the value. Now how the electric-saving use understand the role I have. The meter read a lot when I read the meter unit is very surprised quite frugal when she happily said. I considered myself good. I praise. Very intelligent.

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