Recorded in the Amazon rain forest, forest fire


The total amount of oxygen as long in the air (20), helping to produce the lungs of the Earth, called the Amazon rain forest, which contains large-scale forest fires occurred.

Have risen from between green tree opens the big smoke pictures even while being spread on the social network in the afternoon to see the heavens and enough smoke to go to the city of Sao Paulo.

The Amazon rain forest in South America, despite a number of countries bordering with Brazil, one-third of the entire forest area, lying within the friendships. The smoke had covered almost half of Brazil as well as in neighboring countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay spread Touch countries arrived.

Airmen from the Washington Air National Guard fight the Sheep Creek fire Aug. 6, 2018, near Northport, Wash. Washington Army and Air National Guardsmen made up 102 of the 350 personnel assigned to fight the Sheep Creek fire. (Washington Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Tim Chacon)

2013 has started monitoring all the biggest forest fire in the National Space Research (INPE), the researchers said, while this year, more than half of the Amazon rain forest in an area that forest fires in total (72843) was spent was about 80% higher than last year. The fire broke out in the width of a football is losing forest area almost daily minutes INPE, the release stated.

The WWF organizes environmental activists could save the Amazon forest for the timely return of a rain forest, desert, lives can be changed as a current feeding the wildlife species can not survive the oxygen generated instead of a major climate change Already generated carbon dioxide sites warns the situation will become.

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