The brain when a person is essential to survive


Human Brain The human brain called a person’s life-essential organs readers think.

Specifically person about some part of his brain being damaged even live there. Only some parts of the brain essential to live.

The following is thinking, Control your Gambari activities things do not need to live Cerebral cortex. For instance, former MPs and US Gabriel Giggs phosphide (Gabrielle Giffords) head shot and then was not killed, but was not hurt.

The label is shown in thinking, Control your Gambari activities things Cerebral cortex, Brain Stem breathing space Where the control to live a heartbeat.

Brain Stem Medulla west must be essential in order to live in areas below. If you then died immediately stopped breathing. That is why the American soldiers straight to his head and then provides training to get rid of.

Cerebral cortex Permanent vegetative state patients who no longer have known disease called, although it breathe, Sleep awake, Her eyes are open issues. If you see these things needed to live, not the entire brain. Breathe, Which control heartbeat are to live in such tasks mainly Vital centre.

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