Phone (10) hours a day the little boy in the eyes squint were used


If you hold the phone all the time, readers may “hold the phone,” whether I was fat. In fact, being such a fat phone what the eye would be something to take a feared as such, will be delighted. Now, China Heh life away from the city (9) year old child in the summer holidays on the phone is used as rolling the eyes super eyes squint-boggling.

Many students go out in their holiday best, The rest are doing, but these children at home (10) hours a day by phone, he said his father.

He did not listen to the words of his father, his father was using the phone whenever there is no power at home. Later, when learning problem is something in his eyes when he came to call a doctor. When doctors to check the baby’s eyes, eyes squint.

According to the doctor tested his eyes were sure it would be good to restore. Dr. (Dr Su) at least (3) months from the child is asked to use the phone (up to 6) and suggested that if no progress after surgery and must be treated.

Dr. prize in children’s eyes, says age is not necessarily weak. Because young children exposed to electronics and their eyes close to the phone Karen improving eyesight, Eyes squint like he said.

To prevent eye damage your phone without using excessive readers should be used to set a time when their young children would be best to ask to use the phone ….

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