I used to have the account password security


In this age of technology and close contact with almost everyone except his mail account or social networking account or something nose. However, the account’s password security No dancers most often overlooked.

Keep track of your account passwords are used, I try to change a password if you have experienced what would need to change a priority. Others, however, do not do such. So it comes to your data being stolen anything.

Change your account’s password, your sense of whether it is now recommended are paid, there are many free tools that can help. LifeHacker.com choice to reveal information about Tool that can monitor leaks. (Prior notice to use, at the expense of these means, the decision applies only to the reader’s sense)

(1) Google’s Password Checkup extension

Most of the Google Chrome browser user to add Google’s Password Checkup extension there. Not a website and log in to your account can not be all the help from this extension. log in to your account once the data will start to check whether leaks. If you need to change the new password is also recommended to change. Enter your account’s password and remember functions do not have any. Secure enough so that a password change notification, it can confidently use Google says.

(2) Have I Been Pwned

This one is easier to use. Just e-mail address of the site’s “Notify Me” was shipped from the plant. Once the target is data breaches will send a warning mail. This service is free. Email alert, you have to change the password in a secure and strong password is important to move carefully selected.

(3) Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor Have I Been Pwned a similar way. All except split the same appearance. If someone using Firefox retention should use this feature.

(4) 1 Password

This is a paid service. After using a password manager, and the leaking of information will remind constant monitoring. Among leaking information 1Password account information as well as your current password can be described using the cases are divided insecure. But if we look back to the other side than the free services there is a more detailed performance losses.

(5) Hasso Plattner Institute’s Identity Leak Checker

From South Germany, a tool created by the Hasso Plattner Institute to monitor the leaking of information is always in our heads what kind does not. But paying your account, and I’m quite used to see the details of the field.

(6) Credit Karma

Credit Karma is primarily associated with the financial services measures, but account activity monitoring the leaking of information given. Just e-mail address of the Web site will be subscribed to inform him the email and password when you’ll understand immediately what needs to change.

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