Neo character Kentucky Kenuu Reeves participate in the upcoming film “The Matrix 4”


Famous actor Reeves film “The Matrix was involved with the menu, is expected to produce the fourth film announced on Thursday (August 20). The film’s final ski (Lana Wachowski) production this year.

Became the first since “The Matrix” in order Kentucky Canoe Reeves humanity is vital to perform a rescue mission characters. Anne Moss (Carrie- Anne Moss), Tristan (Trinity) in character.

“The low life of this character, there really is. And a smart friends Thank you give me an opportunity to work together more, ” the director said.

If the first film was released in (20) years old. After the end of the US now plans to exclusive theaters. The film “The Matrix” film received income of $ (1.6) billion in the third film, “The Matrix Revolution (2003)” at the same time around the world, was the first film. Theaters

The college became viewed the film “The Matrix” would be good news for fans. This is the fourth film “The Matrix” will be released to Aurora excited and let’s watch.

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