Aung La Ansung could win the best ONE Championship (5)


Martial Arts Games One of the most active community of players is one of the other players in a situation which can not rise. Tracking a football match score beautifully, Ring of the baseball game Home run (as well as the ability to print) sets the ball in the martial arts sport is an art. Such an art to be able to portray the best of some of the players ONE Championship collection.

1. Anna Rice (25-1, -1, 11

“Python” Anna Rice, who will be able to win what will have not previously considered. Its can (25) (12) of the event to win a piece of prime ground too the capacity of Chief of the Burmese python has been titled. But after ONE Championship came to its increased capacity. Ms. Abdel weight and heavyweight world champion Anna Rice is the last of four consecutive win. 2 at its best in 18, which was competing with Ken Hasegawa. Both players after the fifth round competition with Anna Rice is an evidence of what has been set Year. Last March Hasegawa had challenged rematch Anna Rice to win it again. Anna Rice is coming in October to protect the heavyweight championship belt must compete with Brandon Vera.

2. Brandon Vera (16-7-1, 11)

ONE Championship heavyweight champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera did last year for regular games. But ever see his childhood events and ONE Championship fans blow Vera attack are accepted as one of the best. Vera ONE Championship Total (4) has been competing in the event in each event win. This coming October in two weight champion Anna Rice and challenging games. Vera’s taking the best match (13) years ago, the legendary player was Frank Mir wins.

3. Xiong Jing Nan (14-1, 1 match)

Among female martial arts martial players end up like “The Panda” Xiong Jing Nan good player is too rare. Xiong also faces a rival who nearly Among the competitors of ONE Championship featured the atomic weight class champion Angela Lee. The Chief of the match Xiong Lee triangle mesh with surrender is almost up, but were able to weather the latest containing whole match as he played striker. Stamina to defeat Lee said. Five minutes up to five consecutive games, but the tired, Han Xiong Lee thrust a fist into defeat. Therefore, Xiong is not able to compete in its weight class are regarded as the best.

4. Zebaztian Kadestam (12-4, 1 match)

Buy ONE Championship team championship Zebaztian “The Bandit” Kadestam weight resistance from its competitors and want to give up the plunder to be lost in a spirit inexorably The Bandit (robbers) refers to the board of reserved train. Its latest competition results of all six and won the match with one of the buyer’s weight world champion belt includes withholding. Kadestam 2 held on November 18 for the match Tyler McGuire knock knees and with a champion visits. In addition, last March to protect the championship belt after Georgiy Kichigin defeat. So hard to overthrow Kadestam champion.

5. Value (8-1, 7)

(3) more than martial arts, who came into the world, “Abu Xi Dora” worth more than he thinks he became one of the more successful players. Throughout its career, (9) players can not play games but lost the game. Among the more unusual to be (8) (7), who win the match in the first round, joined the list of what King. Po’s the best game played February 18 at 2 players Cambodia Sor Sey. The value at the goal on two minutes before full, even in the face of Sor Sey, and because it was touched by a knock out victory. The value of weight removed ONE Championship is the most any player.

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